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According to IMO regulation and requirements.
Course level -  basic
The language of instruction is English.
The aim of this course is to provide for seafarers general information about safe navigation in ice conditions.
After course completion the navigator will be able to demonstrate ability:
  • To Interpretate ice and meteorological data and formulate a situation appraisal and risk analysis for passage planning;
  • To determinate the specific maneuvering strategies necessary for ice transit;
  • To appreciate the benefits and hazards of icebreaker assistance and convoy operations;
  • To recognize, evaluate, and control the damage and consequential pollution;
  • To understand the International Vessel Ice classification and outline the basic strengthening methods for vessels;
  • To understand the Ice Regimes;
  • To maneuvering and operate independently in Ice;
  • To understand the effects of extreme low temperatures;

Requirements for TRAINEES – students = Every candidate who wants to pass
this course, must  have Marine engineering education - NAVIGATOR.

Number of trainees: 4

The duration of the course: 32 hours
Educational material.

               Ice Abriviation
      PWA for Student:
               Denmark Greenland
               Finland Swedish Russia Baltic

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