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Private educational institution Institute of Postgraduated Education
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Course level       retraining

Teaching language  ukrainian, russian

Course objective                  Acquiring knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary for awarding level of proficiency of “Fourth class ship’s waiter”

Course content
  • Law knowledge basics; sectoral economics and enterprise basics
  • Ship design
  • Ship’s restaurants working specifics
  • Safety familiarization, basic training and instruction for all seafarers
  • Ship’s passenger accommodations equipment
  • Foreign language
  • Occupational safety
  • Industrial training
  • Seagoing practice

Entry requirements     Ukrainian citizenship or residence permit. Age at the end of education – not less than 18. Documentary evidence of certificate of awarding of trade qualification of “Fourth class waiter”. Documentary evidence of shore service as a waiter not less than 12 months.  
Number of participants    maximum 10

Course duration          222 hours / 1,5 months



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