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Private educational institution «Institute of Postgraduated Education»
    Украина, г. Одесса, 65026, ул. Пастера, 16
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Certification       DNV-GL approved

Course level       basic

Teaching language  russian, english

Course objective                  Acquiring knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary for performing duties and carrying the responsibility of passenger ship personnel prescribed by Regulation V/2 of International Convention STCW and standards А-V/2, B-V/2 of STCW Code, taking into account the IMO Model Course 1.28 “Crowd Management, Passenger Safety and Safety Training for Personnel Providing Direct Services to Passengers in Passenger Spaces”.

Course content
  • Organize the safe movement of passengers when embarking and disembarking. The general design and layout of the ship
  • Organization of ship-specific emergency procedures. Safety regulations; emergency plans and procedures
  • Optimal use of resources. The possibility that resources available in an emergency may be limited; full use of personnel and equipment immediately available. Analysis and taking into account lessons learnt from previous accidents involving passenger ships.
  • Leadership in case of emergency. Ability to: make an initial assessment and provide an effective response; set an example and focus decision making; motivate, encourage and reassure passengers and other personnel; handle the stress and identify the development of symptoms of excessive personal stress and its influence on ability to act
  • Control passengers and other personnel. Human behavior and responses; Awareness of the general reaction patterns of passengers; appreciation of the possible problem of panic etc.
  •  Establishment and maintaining effective verbal communication. Ability to give clear and concise instructions; contribution to exchange of information with, and feedback from, passengers and other personnel;taking into account the language or languages appropriate to the principal nationalities of passengers and other personnel carried on the particular route; ability to communicate using hand signals
Entry requirements     Course is intended for all seafarers

Number of participants    maximum 15

Course duration  3 working days



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