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Private educational institution «Institute of Postgraduated Education»
    Украина, г. Одесса, 65026, ул. Пастера, 16
Лицензии Министерства образования и науки Украины: №285592 от 23.01.2014 г.




Certification       DNV-GL approved

Course level       basic

Teaching language  russian, english

Course objective                  Acquiring knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary for performing duties and carrying the responsibility prescribed by Regulation VI/6 para. 4, 5 of International Convention STCW and standard А‑VI/6, para. 6-8 STCW Code, taking into account the IMO Model Course 3.26 “Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties”.

Course content
  • Maritime security terms and definitions, including elements that may relate to piracy and armed robbery
  • International maritime security policy and responsibilities of Governments, companies and persons, including working knowledge of elements that may relate to piracy and armed robbery
  • Maritime security levels and their impact on security measures and procedures aboard ship and in the port facilities
  • Security reporting procedures
  • Procedures and requirements for drills and exercises under relevant conventions, codes and IMO circulars, including working knowledge of those that may relate to piracy and armed robbery
  • Procedures for conducting inspections and surveys and for the control and monitoring of security activities specified in a ship security plan
  • Security-related contingency plans and the procedures for responding to security threats or breaches of security, including provisions for maintaining critical operations of the ship/port interface, and including also working knowledge of those that may relate to piracy and armed robbery
  • Security documentation, including the Declaration of Security
  • Techniques used to circumvent security measures, including those used by pirates and armed robbers
  • Knowledge enabling recognition of potential security threats
  • Knowledge enabling recognition of weapons, dangerous substances and devices and awareness of the damage they can cause
  • Crowd management and control techniques, where appropriate
  • Handling security-related information and security-related communications
  • Methods for physical searches and non-intrusive inspections
  • Techniques for monitoring restricted areas
  • Controlling access to the ship and to restricted areas on board ship
  • Methods for effective monitoring of deck areas and areas surrounding the ship
  • Inspection methods relating to the cargo and ship’s stores
  • Methods for controlling the embarkation, disembarkation and access while on board of persons and their effects
  • Various types of security equipment and systems, including those that could be used in case of attacks by pirates and armed robbers, including their limitations
  • Knowledge of the need for testing, calibrating, and maintaining security systems and equipment, particularly whilst at sea

Entry requirements  Every participant must must have documentary evidence of seaservice not less than 6 month

Number of participants    maximum 20

Course duration  1 working day



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