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Лицензии Министерства образования и науки Украины: №285592 от 23.01.2014 г.




Certification       DNV-GL approved

Course level       basic

Teaching language  russian, english

Course objective                  Acquiring knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary for performing duties and carrying the responsibility prescribed by Regulation VI/6 para. 1, 2 of International Convention STCW and standard А‑VI/6, para. 1-4 STCW Code, taking into account the IMO Model Course 3.27 “Maritime Security Awareness”.

Course content
  • Maritime security terms and definitions, including elements that may relate to piracy and armed robbery
  • International maritime security policy and responsibilities of Governments, companies and persons
  • Maritime security levels and their impact on security measures and procedures aboard ship and in port facilities
  • Security reporting procedures
  • Security-related contingency plans
  • Techniques used to circumvent security measures
  • Basic knowledge enabling recognition of potential security threats, including elements that may relate to piracy and armed robbery
  • Basic knowledge enabling recognition of weapons, dangerous substances and devices and awareness of the damage they can cause
  • Handling security-related information and security-related communications
  • Basic knowledge of training, drill and exercise requirements under relevant conventions, codes and IMO circulars, including those relevant for anti-piracy and anti-armed robbery
Entry requirements  Course is intended for all seafarers

Number of participants    maximum 20

Course duration  1 working day



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