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Private educational institution «Institute of Postgraduated Education»
    Украина, г. Одесса, 65026, ул. Пастера, 16
Лицензии Министерства образования и науки Украины: №285592 от 23.01.2014 г.





Certification       DNV-GL approved

Course level       basic

Teaching language  russian, english

Course objective                  Training of seafarers designated to control fire-fighting operations, according to minimum requirements of standard А-VI/3 of STCW Code.

Course content
  • Control fire-fighting operations aboard ships
    • Fire-fighting procedures at sea and in port, with particular emphasis on organization, tactics and command
    • Use of water for fire-extinguishing, the effect on ship stability, precautions and corrective procedures
    • Communication and co-ordination during fire-fighting operations
    • Ventilation control, including smoke extraction
    • Control of fuel and electrical systems
    • Fire-fighting process hazards (dry distillation, chemical reactions, boiler uptake fires, etc.)
    • Fire fighting involving dangerous goods
    • Fire precautions and hazards associated with the storage and handling of materials (paints, etc.)
    • Management and control of injured persons
    • Procedures for coordination with shore-based fire fighters
  • Organization and training of fire parties
    • Preparation of contingency plans
    • Composition and allocation of personnel to fire parties
    • Strategies and tactics for control of fires in various parts of the ship
  • Inspection and service of fire-detection and fire-extinguishing systems and equipment
    • Fire-detection systems; fixed fire-extinguishing systems; portable and mobile fire-extinguishing equipment, including appliances, pumps and rescue, salvage, life-support, personal protective and communication equipment
    • Requirements for statutory and classification surveys
  • Investigation and compilation the reports on incidents involving fire
    • Assessment of cause of incidents involving fire
Entry requirements  Course is intended for all seafarers

Number of participants    maximum 20

Course duration  5 working days (primary training)



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