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Лицензии Министерства образования и науки Украины: №285592 от 23.01.2014 г.





Course level       basic

Teaching language  russian, english

Course objective   Acquiring knowledge and skills in safe operation of high voltage installations, including: skills in use of personal protective equipment, testing equipment; high voltage equipment disconnection and isolation and works on dead high voltage equipment.

Course content  
  • Classification societies requirements and high voltage safety rules
  • Marine high voltage equipment and apparatus
  • High voltage safety and operational procedures
  • producing a switching strategy for isolating components of a high-voltage system;
  • carrying out a switching and isolation procedure on a marine high-voltage system, complete with safety documentation.
  • Electrical protections
  • High voltage equipment testing
  • selecting suitable apparatus for isolation and testing of high-voltage equipment;
  • performing tests of insulation resistance and polarization index on high-voltage equipment.
  • High voltage equipment maintenance
Entry requirements  All course participants must have marine engineering education

Number of participants    4-6

Course duration  3 working days


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