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Лицензии Министерства образования и науки Украины: №122013 от 30.03.2005 г., №175333 от 20.07.2005 г.




Course level       advanced

Teaching language  russian, english

Course objective         Acquiring knowledge in field of power management systems configuration and operation. Acquiring skills in use, adjustment and repair of such systems.

Course content  
  • Safe operation of power management systems (PMS)
  • Typical power management systems arrangement
  • Typical and specific functions of PMS
  • PMS hardware and software
  • Power management and protection controller devices. Functions, configuration, programming and startup of typical power management and protection systems PPM3 by DEIF
  • Power generation and distribution systems for conventional ships and ships with electrical propulsion
  • Simulator practical exercises and switchboard drills
Entry requirements  All course participants must have marine engineering education and practical shipboard experience

Number of participants    4-6

Course duration  3 working days


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