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    Courses’ groups have a limited number of members, that’s why we recommend to make a pre-booking from the relevant inspector or to apply for participation.
   To make a preliminary booking or to receive counseling you can by phone numbers that provided on the course description page or via the feedback form on the same page. Also you'll be able to ask your questions there about courses. Your message will be automatically sent to the relevant inspector. You get the answer on your email address.
General list of documents for registration, that shall be inspected and stored
All documents at the moment of registration must be provided in original form to make copies.
  Placed on Keep stored in OMTC
  Application for courses with the seal of payment* Original
  Personal Card (Form ADF-17)* Original
  Seaman's book Copy
  Certificate of Competency Copy
  Endorsement Copy
  Certificate to be replaced Original
  Photo 3 × 4 specify
* - form is available

Depending on the specific of course, additional documents can be required.
For example,
  • For registration at “Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats” training course you will also need to provide certificates of completion of “Safety Familiarization, Basic Training and Instruction for All Seafarers” and “Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue» courses.
  • For registration at “Bridge Team and Resource Management” training course you will also need to provide certificates of completion of "Radar Navigation (Operation level) / Radar Navigation (Management level)" courses.
  • For registration at “Cargo and Ballast Handling” training course you will also need to provide a certificate of completion of “Advanced Training for Tanker Cargo Operations” course.



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